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Video - Prepaid Metering Devices and Power Line Communications Errors
Power Line Communications Errors Video

Understand the Error 30 message often encountered with Split Prepaid Metering Devices that use PLC communications. Learn what you can do to help resolve the problem and re-establish meter to keypad communications.

Video - Testimonials from PrepaidMeters Customers
Testimonials from PrepaidMeters Customers Video

See what our customers say about us.

Video - Prepaid Sub Metering Overview
Prepaid Sub Metering Overview Video

Overview of how prepaid sub-metering works for landlords, property managers, estate agents and their tenants.

Video - Self Managed Prepaid Sub Metering
Self Managed Prepaid Sub Metering Video

Self Managed vending for prepaid sub-metering is an alternative to Outsource Managed revenue collection and is very useful for certain customers.

Video - Prepaid Sub Meters Tariff Increases
Prepaid Sub Meters Tariff Increases Video

At electricity tariffs are updated every year along with the Eskom and Municipality tariff increases. While this is an automated process landlords should do some checks to ensure that sub meter and main meter tariffs remain aligned.

Video - Key Change your Prepaid STS Meters
Key Change your Prepaid STS Meters Video

Prepaid STS Meters are standards-based and therefore interoperable with all STS Licensee Member vending systems. It is therefore possible to change vending supplier. The process is called "Key Change".

Video - Prepayment Sub Metering for Farmers
Prepayment Sub Metering for Farmers Video provides a prepayment metering and management solution for farmers with significant benefits and reduction in operational expenses. AGRI SA interviews CEO, Sean Wheller, of to learn more about this unique offering and how farmers can benefit.