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  • The inclusion of IPP's in power generation

    Independent Power Providers (IPP’s) have asked to have the market de monopolized so that they can provide power directly to the end user. This would help alleviate strain on governments aging infrastructure and be beneficial to government and consumers alike

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  • The inclusion of IPP's in power generation

    Independent Power Providers (IPP’s) have asked to have the market de monopolized so that they can provide power directly to the end user. This would help alleviate strain on governments aging infrastructure and be beneficial to government and consumers alike

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  • Is your sub-metering equipment future proof?

    Even if your local municipality hasn’t yet implemented the best and latest equipment and strategies in metering, they are likely to follow suit of the current development in Smart Metering at some point. When that happens, can your sub-meters stand up to the challenge of smart metering and accurate billing to match your bulk supply?

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  • Choosing the Prepaid Meter Device That is Right For You

    There are a variety of meter types and models. We have discussed that meters can be STS or AMI. However, within these two technology methods there are various types or models of devices. Each is designed for specific electrical requirements and environment. Deciding which equipment is best for your circumstances depends on the following:

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  • The Basics of Utility Metering

    When you mention utility metering most people automatically think of a bill they receive each month. A closer look at this will show that some of these people will think of the bill they receive from their municipality, while others will think of the bill they receive from their body corporate management company.

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  • Utilities within a Sectional Title
    Electricity, Water, Natural Gas! These familiar resources we are accustomed to using in our homes and businesses every day. All familiar resources for which we are accustomed to being billed based on the amount we use.
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  • Up to 10 Percent Energy Reduction
    If every household could work together it will make an immense difference in the load being placed on South Africa’s aging infrastructure and the load being placed on Eskom. If every household reduced there energy consumption by just 10% not only will the strain on the infrastructure be alleviated but the house hold will also have a significant reduction in energy costs. Here are a few helpful tips on how to achieve up to 10% reduction in energy consumption.
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  • Implementing Prepaid Sub-Metering in Sectional Title
    The process of implementing prepaid sub-metering in a sectional title scheme cannot be a sole or unilateral decision taken by the Body Corporate Management Company or trustees. Sectional Title requires that body corporate members should be consulted and reaches a unanimous resolution to change how things operate when it concerns something as important as how their utilities are billed within their body corporate.
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  • Financial Implications of Primary and Sub-Metering
    Utility bills are notorious for not being understood. As discussed in the introduction to this book, people generally think that utility billing is simply a case of a calculation based on a difference between a previous and current meter reading.
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  • Who is Nersa and what can they do for you?
    Nersa is the regulatory authority established as a juristic person in terms of Section 3 of the National Energy Regulator Act, 2004 (Act No. 40 of 2004). NERSA’s goal is to regulate the electricity, piped-gas and petroleum pipelines in South Africa. The structure of the Energy Regulator consists of nine Regulator Members, five of whom are part-time and four full-time.
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  • What Electricity Meter to Choose
    Please make sure that you consult with one of our representatives before you buy meters. The description below refers to electricity meters and is only a guideline to understanding your choices in meter types.
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  • Smart Metering Makes the Benefits of the Smart Grid Tangible
    As the world gets exposed to newer technologies the demand for electrical energy, managing power transmission and distribution has become one of the most difficult and lucrative challenges. With the implementation of smart grids come new challenges in delivering electrical power to those that need and to meet the growing demands of changing infrastructure.
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  • Smart Metering & its functionality
    Smart meters are defined as an advanced meter that identifies the electricity consumption pattern in better detail as compared to a conventional meter. Smart meters have basic functions that conventional meters do not.
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  • Selling Power
    In reference to the article Selling power: Joburg landlord gets a shock on ruling (published on iol Property news on the 21st of June 2013), we thought that for the purpose of understanding the bigger picture related to the sub-metering industry we felt the need to write a more detailed article explaining the ins and outs of such matters.
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  • Metering Questions To Ask
    In order to make an accurate determination of how much electricity is consumed by each customer or end user, individual metering is of critical importance. Metering and sub-metering are the most appropriate ways to measure the amount of electricity bought and resold.
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  • Energy Saving Tips
    In today’s economy, people are trying to reduce overhead costs and go green. The buzz around being environmentally friendly sometime seems a little daunting and costly for the average consumer. Homeowners who want to do their part, but find it difficult can read the few tips below and will be on the path to becoming more environmentally friendly and green.
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  • Capping, what it is and how it can be damaging to suppliers and consumers alike
    Capping is a process in which a service provider, landlord or body corporate sets a purchase limit for utilities; meaning if a tenant or meter user in a body corporate wants to purchase R1000 worth of electricity at the beginning of the month is limited to purchasing R500.
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    Why do you want an AMI or so called Smart Meter, or for that matter why would you choose an STS Meter? In today’s technological advancement in metering technologies there is a lot of hype and definitions related to metering equipment. This makes it very confusing to a consumer to choose the correct sub-metering equipment for their exact requirements and needs.
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