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What is self managed?

What is Self-Management System and How it Works
Self Management is for the Landlord or Property Manager who does not mind being hands-on and available to service tenants and meter tasks. Self Management carries a monthly FIXED service fee per meter, per month and allows the landlord UNLIMITED access to perform these tasks via the Internet, anywhere any time (24/7/365). The monthly service fee is charged to the landlord or property manager, while the Meter User Account deducts the service fee automatically on the first purchase. Landlords and Property Managers can choose to remove the repayment of the fee and subsidize the service fee.
Meters can be moved from Self Managed to Outsource Managed by request. There is NO cost for changing between Self Managed to Outsource Managed and vice versa. If a meter is Self Managed the tenants pay funds for utilities direct to the landlords nominated bank account. Landlord, managing or letting agent pays municipal or primary/bulk meter with the funds collected from the prepaid system.
The self-managed process is a simple two-step-process:
  • Tenant pays the landlord who credits/loads the meter control account.
  • User Generates Token for the required utility.