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003-006 BEC33HC
BEC33HC R24,421.23 (ex VAT)
003-009 PPL23EU
R797.90 (ex VAT)
003-011 PPL23GTL
PPL23GTL R549.00 (ex VAT)
003-014 PPL32NS
PPL32NS R1,761.86 (ex VAT)
003-015 PPL32PLCT
PPL32PLCT R2,928.14 (ex VAT)
003-019 PPL44PLCT
PPL44PLCT R1,477.44 (ex VAT)
003-020 PPL44SR
PPL44SR R776.66 (ex VAT)
003-022 PPH23GT
PPH23GT R449.00 (ex VAT)
003-025 PPH44SDPA
PPH44SDPA R1,215.58 (ex VAT)
003-028 PPH32NS
PPH32NS R1,640.12 (ex VAT)
003-052 PPH32SPA
PPH32SPA R2,829.41 (ex VAT)